Welcome to the Milestone Restaurant and Bar

Our restaurant is the place to be if you want to spend quality time with your friends, and to have some memorable fine dining experiences. We welcome our clients with a bar where they can have a drink and a friendly chat before their dinner. The bar boasts a wide selection of the finest drinks, both local and international, as well as cocktails prepared with passion by our staff.

Our mission is to be the perfect host. We take pride in using only fresh ingredients from carefully selected suppliers. We prefer to pay a little more, but offer tasty and healthy food, rather than compromising on quality in order to keep the prices low. At the same time, you can safely have dinner in our restaurant without fearing you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for it. We have a fair pricing policy that allows us to offer high quality meals at affordable prices.

Our chefs are carefully selected and trained in the biggest cuisines of the world. They know how to recreate the exquisite taste of a meal over and over again. You can be sure that you’re going to have the same culinary experience, no matter how many times you’d come back to eat a certain dish. Consistency is one of our most important values, so we do our best to train the young generation of cooks to replicate old recipes in their tiniest details.

Our use of tools of the trade is second to none. We use only the finest tunnel ovens such as those you would find in large scale baked goods production. This is a very specialized way to prepare food. Learn more about the process here at GoBTE.com.

Our restaurant offers all three main meals of a day. You can come to have your breakfast here, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with relaxation music playing in the background. You can also come during your lunch break for a filling meal that would provide you energy for the second half of your day. Last but not least, you can invite your friends or your romantic date to have dinner by candlelight. Our sommelier can help you find the best wine and food pairings, for a perfect combination of tastes and flavors. Our cave boasts over 500 bottles of fine wines from all corners of the world.

Once the night begins, our bar with live music becomes the main attraction. You can sip your favorite cocktail while dancing or listening to good music in the company of your friends. This kind of setting is the best for birthday parties or special celebrations. If needed, you can book the whole bar area for a private party with your friends. We can help you create the type of atmosphere you want, so that your guests are offered a great time.

If you want to know more about our restaurant and bar, you are welcome to take a look at the special sections of our website, where you’re going to find the menu and a schedule of all live music events for the next month. Should you be willing to try our services, you can either all us or use the contact form on the website to make a reservation.

Wondering if we are authorized to sell or distribute wines and other alcoholic beverages? Check out this site to know more about state and local laws regarding alcoholic beverages.